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Derridean Europe from Pakistan

Ruminations of Jacques Derrida (on Europe) understood by a Pakistani

Why a Blog on Europe!

In Urdu, there is a famous phrase, “Beghani shadi mein Abdullah Dewana” which literally means a guy who is equally or even more jubilant than a bride and groom in their wedding. So if a freelancer-Pakistani-mother of toddler writes a blog about Brexit or EU -she may just be a Abdullah Dewana,

But let me spill it out, whatever happens in Europe affects Pakistanis. It was about two centuries ago … I can ago into the colonial/postcolonial wormhole and vex about it, but I will leave it just that.

In 2011 I did my M.Phil in European Studies from University of Karachi which was funded by EU.  And decided to pursue my dissertation in whatever got my attention. Incidentally, it was Jacques Derrida which remained with me years after my masters in English Literature. And Derrida as vocal he was on Europe became the subject of my dissertation. Which started with a historical outlook on “Idea of Europe” through centuries and ended with a possible amalgamation of Islam and Democracy. My posts will feature my lonesome Derridean journey relating to Europe and opinions on present political scenario.

But first! BREXIT. a loveless 46- year marriage and us the Abdullah Dewanas, to the extant that when the news of Britain’s historical referendum broke Pakistan’s stock market fell over 1400 points. 

Additionally because of Brexit; Pakistan’s trade perks are going to be affected, as it was majorly Britain and not EU that helped Pakistan become

 the leading beneficiary of the EU’s preferential trading program for “vulnerable” developing countries, known as the Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+). The scheme grants manufacturers, particularly Pakistani textilemakers, tariff-free access to Europe in exchange for Islamabad implementing reforms on human rights, working conditions, climate change and good governance.

So yes EU or Brexit does impact a woman sitting behind a laptop in her room somewhere in Rawalpindi.


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