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Aspect Consulting leaving EU is embarrassing !!

I get politico.EU in my inbox, their claim to be the best source of political news isn’t exaggerated. One of the news shared was that the Aspect Consulting that has been working for EU has changed course and will now work for countries like Congo, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt etc. One of the goals of the firm has been

assisting governments and politicians build relationships and achieve their goals, around the world, but with a focus on Brussels, Washington and London.

It was a key partner of EU in Brussels, when in 2018 it was replaced by Leidar, initially dubbed as a “strategic partner,” by James Hunt, politico does not think it is as such anymore.

James Hunt

On 1st February, James Hunt  the managing director sent an email that Aspect is changing and now its political services aren’t based for European Union.

(I take a long time to make my point).  One past Aspect’s Brussels employee told the Politico Europe that the company has been reorienting for some but Hunt’s email is the  tipping point.

The former employee who was not named also added that, “this is just embarrassing.” And politico add that this comment was regarding Hunt’s new client list. WHY?

  • Is EU superior
  • Is James Hunt demoting himself by working for countries like Pakistan than EU

As I mentioned I take a long time making my point, and then realize OK your’e right Europe has democratically elected governments and Pakistan can never end its fetishes with dictators.

But still are volatile yellow vest protesters of France better than peaceful protesters of PTM? Oh yeah I am again wrong.

The world knows about the yellow-vest protesters but PTM -very aptly put by BBC – is A protest Pakistan wants to hide from the world.

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